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Now that the “2004 European ELE-DRIVE TRANSPORTATION Conference & Exhibition on Urban Sustainable Mobility is Possible Now! Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles” is over, we should like to thank you for your contribution to the success of this initiative.
This European event, organised jointly by APVE - Associação Portuguesa do Veículo Eléctrico (Portuguese Electric Vehicles Association), the Direcção Geral de Transportes Terrestres (Directorate-General for Inland Transportation), the Câmara Municipal de Cascais (City Hall of Cascais) and AVERE – Associação Europeia do Veículo Eléctrico a Baterias, Híbridos e com Pilhas de Combustível (European Electric, Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles Association), preceded by a National Conference, was attended by more than 124 specialists from 18 European countries, Brazil, United States of America and by 125 Portuguese specialists, representatives from the central administration, municipalities, higher education institutes, research and development institutions and several companies.

21 journalists, from TV, radio and from the press, followed the event. Jaques Saint-Marc from the French government and Carlos Pimenta were the Special Guest Speakers at the National Conference, guided by professor José Quadrado (APVE/ISEL). Eight round tables, chaired by either mayors or deputy-mayors, were organized during the national conference. The “Keynote Speakers” of the European Conference were: Eric Britton (Paris), Mikel Murga (Bilbao/MIT) and James Rosenstein (Toyota Motor Europe), together with a dozen participants of the Final Round Table, among which were the Mayor of Coimbra and the Deputy Mayor of Reggio Emília, Italy. The Minister of Science and Higher Education closed the conference with a Portuguese wine and cheese tasting.

Besides these specialists, the numerous public that came to Estoril had at its disposal 66 electric, battery, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, presented by 17 entities and companies present at the exhibition, during the test and drive sessions and in the two electric vehicle parades held along the coastal road between Estoril e Cascais.

For these reasons and because of the lively socializing between the participants and of the opportunity this event provided for a direct contact with the know-how in this field, we believe that the 2004EET exceeded all expectations, both as far as its technical component or the promotion of the concept of sustainable mobility and of the electric vehicle is concerned, as well as the demonstration that Portugal is a partner that deserves being taken in consideration in this field.

We avail of the opportunity to announce the 21st edition of the EVS, “Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Symposium and Exhibition”, the greatest event in the world in the field of electric vehicles, which will take place in Monaco, between the 2nd and the 6th of April 2005 and also to announce that there are already candidates, namely Bordeaux, for the organization of the second edition of the “European ELE-DRIVE TRANSPORTATION Conference & Exhibition” in 2006.

Finally, we should like to emphasize that the success of the “2004EET” is owed, entirely, to all of those who participated and contributed to the event.

Their presence and participation was irreplaceable to us and we also hope that it met your expectations.

We hope that this further stage in the life of APVE, having in view to promote the concept of the electric vehicle and its integrated use in a sustainable and coherent transport and mobility policy in Portugal, may provide the materialization of new projects that allow for the cooperation of your organization.

Thanking you for your attention, we remain,
Sincerely yours,

Jorge esteves and robert stüssi
“Chairmen” of “2004 EET”